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SSO Press (pronounced "so") is a non-profit publishing company which operates out of Olympia, Wa. We publish book-like things that sometimes fit the description of chapbooks and zines; we also publish comics, broadsides, put out cd's, throw events, and generally have a good time. We´re on something like a hiatus right now, so don´t expect much from us (responding to e-mails in a timely manner, accepting submissions, announcing when somebody releases something with us, etc.).

Some news...

Lordy, this website hasn´t really been updated in two years and, though our pace has been rather crawl-like at times, many wonderful projects have been released under the SSO name and have not made it here. Included in this are: A Book to Color by Allyson Baggett; Basic Paper Airplane #1; Ilse Content Vol. 3, 4, (and yes, even) 5 by Alexis Wolf; Sticks and Stones: A Compilation of Independent Electronic Artists; From Exhaust (Free Poetry Issue #13); U.S. Out of Iraq in 2005 Comics; Take a Seat in My Satin: Selected Poems by Brian Price Ferguson; They Only Serve Mountains in This Parlor. We have a MySpace site (, which might tell you something new now and then.

Don´t buy off here. Like it´s stated above, we´re slow these days, probably not a good idea to give us money via the web. The best way to do it is to find them in stores. Some of our books can be found in places such as Orca Books, Last Word Books and probably other random places in Seattle, Portland, and the bay area. You can always order by mail, but, again, might take a while.

After much talk, the compilation cd we like to call Sticks + Stones (a fine collection of musicians making glorious sounds involving electronics) is out. It has a beautiful blockprint cover art by Onyx Dixon and too many fine names to name. The amazing DJ Fuckumup keeps Anthem Records in Portland stocked and any record store in Olympia should have copies.

In months to come, expect covertly released books from Monty Cantsin, Ariel Birks, Cole Cunningham, a new issue of Basic Paper Airplane and more from the fine folks keeping the SSO name alive.

Though we are slow, we´re not dead. Donations are still very much appreciated and necessary to keep us slowly kicking out goodness. Stamps, money, office-like materials and friendly words are always extremely appreciated. Our po box is patiently waiting at po box 2645 Olympia, Wa. 98507. Thanks. E-mailing us is still an option, too: here or Our account did get shut down because we didn´t check it for some time, so if you sent us something and didn´t hear back, we´re sorry, it probably got deleted by hotmail. Try again.

For those who don't know, SSO Press is a non-profit business in the state of Washington, not yet a 501(c)(3), but working on getting there. Here's our mission statement as it stands right now: "S.S.O. Press is dedicated to putting forth a range of styles and ideas in a small press forum. Emphasizing poetry, but also working with visual arts, fiction, and nonfiction, S.S.O. Press is working to advance fresh ideas and to promote artists that are not getting the attention their work so calls for. S.S.O. Press commits itself to making the projects it works on as inexpensive as possible, so as to expose the work to a broad range of audiences."
Words. Enjoy the site.

What's Not Especially New:

Free Poetry Issue #12


Tenacity Issue #1

Last Time We Checked The World Was Flat / No Safe Cover